Schöfferstadt Gernsheim
Key Figures
Population 2019   10,558
Change since 2014   +6.4%
Employees 2019   4,110
Change since 2014   +21.7%
Trade Tax   385%
Property Tax A   400%
Property Tax B   410%


The birthplace of Peter Schöffer makes up the southern end of Groß-Gerau county. It connects the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main and Rhine-Neckar metropolitan areas. Located along the A67 Autobahn as well as the federal highways B44 and B426, Gernsheim has exceptional transport connections at its disposal. The Gernsheim port, Hesse’s only container port located on the Rhine, connects the region with the North Sea and Southeast Europe via water. Its very own industrial track and its highway connection achieve the important trimodality that local companies value. The port is to be expanded throughout the next years so that the increasing demand of customers located up to 150 kilometers away can continue to be fulfilled.

With around 750 employees and an operating area of 947,000 square meters in Gernsheim, Merck is one of the largest employers in Groß-Gerau county. It manufactures pearl-luster pigments for lacquers, synthetic materials, and cosmetics, vapor-deposition chemicals for refinement and the anti-reflection coating of optical devices, as well as precursors for chromatography for the separation of substances.

„Merck is a leader in the global market for pearl-luster pigments, and to us, Gernsheim is the ideal location to supply our worldwide customers in the lacquer, synthetic material, printing, cosmetic, foodstuff, and pharmaceutical industries.“

Jens Klatyk,
Site Manager at the Gernsheim Plant,
Merck KG aA

Compware Medical GmbH is a technology leader in the development and production of dosing devices, as well as the associated software for the medical substitution market (methadone program). Almost 30 years ago, the company developed an innovative dosing process that remains the standard to this day with regards to volumetric and gravimetric dosing. The systems from Compware Medical are used worldwide; its specialized knowledge is, among others, used by the UNO. Its customers include hospitals, medical practices, pharmacies, correctional facilities, and specialist facilities. 35 coworker are employed by the world market leader located in Gernsheim.