Key Figures
Population 2021   10,819
Change since 2016   +2.8%
Employees 2021   1,518
Change since 2016   +9.7%
Trade Tax   400%
Property Tax A   340%
Property Tax B   960%


Nauheim benefits from an exceptional infrastructural connection to the Frankfurt-Rhine- Main metropolitan area as well as the location advantage of the Frankfurt Airport. With the settlement of displaced people after the Second World War, the municipality saw the establishment of an entire music industry of instrument makers, which made Nauheim known around the world as the “Municipality of Music”. Even today, globally operating, innovative, and creative companies in the music industry call Nauheim their home. The town also offers leading German companies from other areas of the high-end industry a location to do business.

Since 1999, ZeinPharma has produced high-quality dietary supplements and foods that meet the requirements of different target groups. In doing so, ZeinPharma offers everything in a complete package: Research, development, production as well as distribution all take place under one roof in the company’s headquarters in Nauheim.

„Our motto ‘Effect through knowledge’ unites both pillars of our work: the effectiveness of our products and the high competence that can be found within our company. With our knowledge, we constantly develop new and innovative products that work properly, contain carefully selected, high-quality materials, and are easy to take.“

Moujahed Naggar, Managing Director
ZeinPharma Germany GmbH

Die Instrumentenmacher are a traditional company that has dedicated itself to the production and repair of high-quality music instruments. The spectrum of custom-made products extends from experimental fantasy instruments to adjustments for particular playing preferences, all the way to instruments that are specially customized for people with handicaps. A great deal of importance is attached to meeting the individual wishes and requirements of musicians down to the last detail. Trained wood and brass instrument makers take on the professional repair and maintenance in accordance with the needs of the music instruments. Furthermore, not only are cheap yet reliable starter models sold, but also well-known manufacturer brands of high-quality wood and brass instruments as well as percussion instruments.