Key Figures
Population 2021   34,641
Change since 2016   +1.5%
Employees 2021   11,921
Change since 2016   -0.1%
Trade Tax   420%
Property Tax A   400%
Property Tax B   790%


Located not far from the Autobahn junction and in immediate proximity to the airport, Mörfelden-Walldorf doesn’t only offer the ideal conditions for companies from the logistics industry. The three commercial areas are home to world-market leaders in the areas of automotive, mechanical engineering, metalworking, plastics, and electrical engineering. Two printing centers ensure that newspapers read all over Germany are “Made in Mörfelden- Walldorf”. For some time, the city has pursued the advancement of renewable energies. That’s why it occupies a pioneering role in the area of e-mobility. A high density of electric charging stations as well as the opportunity for e-carsharing can attest to that.

GESIPA Blindniettechnik has been a solid component of Mörfelden-Walldorf since 1969 and a worldwide leading development and production partner for connection technology and processing equipment for the automobile and automobile supply industries, as well as many other industries.

“GESIPA continuously invests in the Mörfelden-Walldorf location and offers exciting jobs in development, sales, administration, and production. This and the affiliation to the worldwide operating SFS-Group make us an attractive and sought-after employer in the region. Important pillars of our work in the development of young talent are close cooperations with regional and transregional universities, as well as exciting apprenticeship opportunities in an international environment.”

Thomas Bamberger, Managing Director

Kanthal, a subsidiary of Sandvik Materials Technology Deutschland GmbH, is a leading manufacturer and developer of heating technologies for the semiconductor/solar industry, as well as the furnace construction industry. A further specialty are products made of highly developed nickel-chromium as well as chromium-iron-aluminum materials for applications up to 1350°C. Along with metallic heating conductor alloying, Kanthal’s portfolio also includes resistance heating elements made of silicon carbide (Globar), as well as molybdenum-discilicide (Kanthal Super) whose application temperature is up to 1,850°C.

“Along with its central location and proximity to exceptional universities, Mörfelden-Walldorf offers an ideal basis for the future-oriented development of a company.”

Stefan Schatz, Managing Director