Key Figures
Population 2021   17,013
Change since 2016   +6.3%
Employees 2021   8,958
Change since 2016   +37.2%
Trade Tax   450%
Property Tax A   690%
Property Tax B   690%


The city of Kelsterbach is an immediate neighbor to Frankfurt and an international hub for goods, services, as well as finance and information flows.
Its forward-thinking broadband offering with up to 100 GBit/s provides companies with ideal conditions. Relocations of industries functioning as a beacon underline the potential of the future. Commercial areas, qualified skilled workers, and promising surroundings with good local supply and recreational opportunities are available. Kelsterbach is a city with a high quality of life: There is an abundance of urban spaces, culture, and recreation areas, e.g. at the Main riverside. It is here where the highly qualified workers from the research and development departments will discover the inspiring proximity of the city, as well as the open spaces to think in new ways.

FUJI EUROPE CORPORATION has been active on the European market since 1991 as a direct subsidiary of the Japanese FUJI CORPORATION. The company headquarters has been located in Kelsterbach since the beginning of 2018. The company is a competent partner as a fullline supplier in the area of electronic placement machines. The location includes a smart factory with a complete production line across an 800-squaremeter demonstration site.

“With our new construction in Kelsterbach, as the European headquarters, we will experience the best conditions for market development in central and eastern Europe, Africa, Russia, and the Middle East.”

Klaus Gross, General Manager

The new logistics center of GROUP7 functions as a hub and consolidation center for international air-freight transports. The central location within Germany, as well as the immediate proximity to Frankfurt airport provides the ideal conditions for it to be utilized as an international hub for cross-border eCommerce. The company pairs classic transport and logistics operations with modern, digital services.

“Customer proximity is very important to us. For four years we have been at the Kelsterbach location, which maintains an exceptionally strong economic, future-oriented, and infrastructural position.”

Ulrich Wolf, Managing Director
IBM Campus Rhein-Main