Key Figures
Population 2021   26,068
Change since 2016   +5.6%
Employees 2021   12,037
Change since 2016   +11.0%
Trade Tax   410%
Property Tax A   410%
Property Tax B   620%


The county seat of Groß-Gerau benefits from its convenient location along the important train lines in the north to south and east to west directions, as well as its direct connection to the Autobahn. Renowned large and medium-sized production operations have taken advantage of these location benefits for decades. In addition, mid-market handiwork and service operations as well as innovative, young companies have enough room to develop in a modern industrial park. “Full of passion. Full of opportunities.” The city combines its strategically exceptional location and innovative economic power in industry, handiwork, and service with high ecological and recreational value. With three continuing education schools and the vocational training center, Groß-Gerau provides magnificent opportunities for training, which radiate across county lines.

At Procter & Gamble‘s Groß-Gerau plant, around 500 employees produce dental hygiene products and cold remedies for 45 countries around the world, among which includes Germany. Founded more than 50 years ago, today the consumer goods manufacturer produces, among other products, two-million tubes of toothpaste each day on highly technological and digitized machines. At the same time, the plant in Groß-Gerau is a pioneer in all things pertaining to energy savings: In 2016, a highly modern cogeneration plant for the reduction of CO2 emissions was constructed. The reduction of greenhouse emissions is one of the goals of P&G’s ambitious sustainability strategy “Ambition 2030”.

„At our Groß-Gerau location, we are actively shaping the transformation by taking advantage of the potential of digitization in order to successfully master the challenges of the global market. We are able to enjoy a special partnership with the city of Groß-Gerau that has proven to be a winwin for both sides.“

Elke Feierabend, Plant Manager
P&G Plant Groß-Gerau

Within 40 years, the traditional company Erlenbacher Backwaren GmbH has made itself the European catering market’s number one for frozen cakes, tortes, and desserts. At the same time, the company has always remained true to its recipe for success: Traditional craftsmanship coupled with modern technology and the best ingredients. Together with more than 600 employees, each year the market leader produces more than 22-million premium baked goods for system gastronomy, catering, and specialist wholesalers. From the company’s headquarters in Groß-Gerau, more than 450 different products are exported to approx. 45 countries.