Key Figures
Population 2021   13,208
Change since 2016   +0.3%
Employees 2021   2,115
Change since 2016   +13.3%
Trade Tax   400%
Property Tax A   600%
Property Tax B   711%


The Trebur community with the districts of Hessenaue, Astheim and Geinsheim (Kornsand) is located directly at the Rhine. A close working relationship between agriculture and trade is characteristic of the town. Trebur made it its goal to, on the one hand, further its economic development with the merger of local commercial enterprises, and, on the other hand, provide serenity, nature, and work located nearby for people who consciously decide to live in a rural community. The emergence and expansion of commercial areas, company settlements, and company mentoring – these are the tasks that Wirtschaftberatung Trebur (WBT) has taken on. It operates on a volunteer basis and stands side-by-side with companies.

In 2007, the company Atotech purchased the local company Kunz GmbH and then came to Trebur-Geinsheim. Four years later, Atotech expanded and erected a new TechCenter. The company has developed the location into a global competence center for corrosion protection. Today, approx. 70 employees, including chemists, engineers, material scientists, laboratory assistants, and product managers, are working on the development of new, environmentally friendly surface-coating methods. Atotech is one of the world’s leading providers of specialty chemicals and systems for the circuit board, chip carrier, and semiconductor industries, as well as decorative and functional surface finishing. The company earns 1.2 billion dollars per year (2017) and employs approx. 4000 workers in over 40 countries around the world. In 2022 Atotech became a part of MKS Instruments.

“Through the good connection to the Frankfurt/Main hub, our existing as well as potential customers can come to us at any time whenever necessary and learn about new products or seek our advice when faced with challenges.”

Werner Mailinger, Site Manager
Trebur Atotech Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

FLC Flowcastings GmbH manufactures complex turbine blades for low-emission industrial turbines and aircraft engines. The technology used is a globally unique, patented ceramic and wax fabrication of casting molds. This reduces the usual production time for conventional precision casting of more than a year down to eight weeks. The implementation takes place digitally, whereby the preliminary ceramic and wax products can be manufactured just as quickly as with 3D printing.